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Humidifier Experts for the Entire Lower Mainland.

 Maintain your Furniture

Having your home be too dry or too humid can damage your furniture and house. By keeping your home’s humidity at approximately 40% you can protect your belongings for years to come.

 Comfortable Home Humidity

Having a central humidifier and well maintained furnace can provide you with nearly unlimited control of your home’s climate. Talk to our technicians about finding your perfect comfort level.

 Fixed Right... Guaranteed!

Have confidence in any repair that we perform. We guarantee a proper fix, or we’ll come back and fix it again at no cost! All installations are backed by a comprehensive extended labour warranty.

 Fast And On Time

We’re committed to arriving within the one-hour appointment window that we schedule with you.


Ideal Humidity Level

Studies have found that people are most comfortable between approximately 40% and 50% humidity in their homes.

Perfecting Your Indoor Environment

You Can Trust the Experts at Campbell Care. Watch Our Video to Learn More About Us.

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Why choose Campbell Care to take care or your Central Humidifier?

Living in the Lower Mainland area, we know that the summers can get dry. With humidity dropping as low as 30%, you want to make sure that the environment inside your home is more predictable than the one outside.

  Protect Your Home and Furniture

You may have noticed that wooden furniture in arid climates tends to crack and break earlier on in its life. This is due to a lack of moisture in the material. The lack of moisture causes the wood grains to pull apart, which in turn causes the cracking.

You can also see in homes with a lot of moisture in the air that wooden beams will start to warp and bend. This is again due to the moisture in the air causing the opposite reaction. The wood will begin to pull in on itself, causing bowing and warping.

A central humidifier allows you to control the humidity in your home, giving you the power to prevent damage to your home and furniture.

  How does a filter Work?

Having dry air in your home could be causing you more irritation that you realize. Many health concerns can be attributed to dryness in the air and the spread of dust particles throughout your home.

Some of the issues that can be linked to dust and dry air include:

  • Irritated Eyes
  • Irritated Throat
  • Dry Skin
  • Dust Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Breathing problems

By having moisture in your home’s air you can potentially mitigate some of these issues.

  Reduce Ambient Dust

We have all seen it before, a colleague will sit down on the couch and a burst of dust will fly up into the air, floating around for what seems like hours. This ambient dust can get onto and into everything, including your lungs.

Having moisture in the air reduces the ambient dust by having the water particles attach to the dust, thereby making them heavier. This causes the dust to settle more quickly instead of spreading everywhere. This is the same method that people use in construction to keep dust down while working. This allows for cleaner and fresher air, with less dust particles floating around your home.


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Our Guarantees – Designed to Protect You

  Workmanship Guarantee

We guarantee that the workmanship of our repair or installation services will meet your standards. If you have a problem with the workmanship of one of our services, we will come back to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

We stand behind the work we provide. You can count on us to do the job right.

  On-Time Arrival Guarantee

When you book with CampbellCare, you are booking with a company that values your time and trust. We set a one-hour appointment window and we’ll arrive within it, guaranteed.

  Competency Guarantee

You can trust on the skill of our CampbellCare technicians and plumbers. Our plumbers and technicians are well-trained, experienced, drug-free, clean, and polite. When you choose CampbellCare, you can count on who will arrive at your door.

Our staff participates in over 2,500 hours of training, ensuring that you get a properly trained plumber/technician who is familiar with today’s newer, more complex heating/cooling and plumbing systems.

  State of the Art Part Guarantee

We guarantee that only state of the art parts are used for any repair or equipment installation. You can trust knowing that we invest in the right parts for your specific job, ensuring years of trouble-free reliability.

  Warranty Information

Heating equipment provided and installed by CampebellCare is backed by our extended labour warranty.

If you ever have any questions regarding the warranty of an item you have purchased from us, please reach out to us and we will assist you.



Extended Warranty

Extended labour warranties are available; ask us for more details.

Locally Owned & Operated

For over 32 years, CampbellCare has been providing the lower mainland with complete plumbing services.

Save Money

You could save 20% (or more) on your monthly heating and cooling utility bills by using high-efficiency equipment.

Better For The Environment

Modern high-efficiency equipment uses less energy than old equipment.

Protect Your Home

Feel good knowing that your equipment will operate safely and reliably, with minimal breakdowns or failures.

Convenient Financing

Our convenient financing options offer payments as low as $42/month.

Serving BC Since 1981

We’ve worked hard for over 30 years to build a reputation based on responsiveness, trust, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to install new equipment, or repair existing equipment, you can trust the experts at CampbellCare.

On-Time Guarantee

We know how important your time is to you- that's why we are guaranteed to arrive within the one-hour appointment window we book! We don't want you waiting around wondering where your plumber or HVAC technician is. Count on us to arrive on time, every time.


We know that our people are our best product! That’s why we invest in ongoing training, top of the line equipment, and offer compensation that is sure to satisfy.

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