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What Are the Signs of Water Pressure Problems? - Your Trusted Plumber in the Surrey and Delta Area Offers Useful Advice

How was your shower this morning? As the lovely hot water rained down on you, did you notice that the water did not seem to pelt your back as firmly as yesterday? Maybe you turned on your washing machine just to find that it took three times as long to fill than usual. When you used your kitchen faucet last night, did it spray out at you?

Water pressure is tricky. When it is too high, you will not only become soaked, but you can also wear out your appliances. If you notice changes in the pressure of your water supply, it is essential to narrow down the cause. Depending on the type and source, you may need professional help to rectify the problem. Rather than risk a DIY attempt, call in a trained, licensed and insured plumber in the Surrey and Delta area. 

  • Low-Pressure problems – Sometimes the pressure throughout the house or apartment is excellent except for one or two areas. There may be a couple of issues behind this:
    • It is specific to a fixture. Does your kitchen pour forth plenty of water but your bathroom barely dribbles? The aerator in your bathroom may need to be cleaned. This can be a simple fix by removing the part and soaking it in vinegar or you can contact a plumber to install a replacement. If after taking care of the aerator, low pressure still exists, it could indicate a problem in the line. In that case, it is critical to call in a professional.
    •  It is specific to hot water. When you turn on your hot water, do you notice a change in the pressure? If so, then there may be a problem with your water heater. Contacting an expert technician can help ascertain what is happening with your hot water supply.
  • High-pressure problems – On the other spectrum of water pressure issues are those from high-pressure. Manufacturers build their products to withstand specific water pressures. For most, anything higher than 80 psi can cause your water heaters, faucets, shut-off valves, and toilets to fail. Here are a few symptoms that you have a problem with high-pressure:
    • Banging pipes
    • Water spits from a tap when turned on
    • Leaking faucets
    • Running toilets
Causes for changes in water pressure should be investigated without delay. Simple answers include faulty appliances, but if the life span of your water heater, washing machine, or dishwasher seems short, it is time to call in a plumber to check. In short, the problem may be much deeper and before you incur a huge expense in repair and replacement, find out what’s wrong to have it fixed efficiently.

Need Help with Water Pressure Problems in Your Delta or Surrey Home?
Any time you experience a sudden drop or rise in water pressure, it pays to investigate. The possible causes affecting how strong the water pushes out of your pipes may vary. The professionals at CampbellCare can track down the problem and get it fixed quickly. Whether it is a hidden leak, mineral deposits, or a water main break, we have the experience to get your water back to the right pressure.

Call CampbellCare today to book an appointment. We can help discover the cause of water pressure issues in your Surrey or Delta area home. Call us now at 604-337-0498 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

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