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Innovative Ways to Use Your Fireplace when Winter is Over

Your fireplace is a fixture inside your home, so do not assume that it offers only seasonal use. In fact, it adds aesthetic appeal, and it is an opportunity to decorate and add personal flair to your home year-round.

Once winter is over, you need to change things up and revamp how you use your fireplace. If you think that it is only a single-season show, then here are a few ways to use that gas fireplace year-round.

Tips for Using Your Fireplace After Winter

Do an Inspection and Cleaning First – Before you do anything innovative, you must first have your gas fireplace in Richmond inspected and cleaned by the professionals. A professional can do everything from checking all components to your gas fireplace, inspecting the crowns and flues, and ensuring that your gas lines are correctly connected. Furthermore, they can clean and inspect the unit so that it is ready to kick back up come winter.
Clean throughout the Summer – You still need to clean and maintain your fireplace even in the summer. You can clean the exterior of the mantle, scrub the brick, and also clean the fireplace glass cover so that it is sparkling new.
Using Your Mantle to the Fullest – A mantle is the perfect blank canvas to celebrate holidays and seasons. Use that surface to decorate for national holidays, or even just decorate it for spring with bright-coloured flowers, eggs for Easter, and seasonal flower arrangements.
Place Candles Inside – During the summer you can place candles (real or battery-operated) inside the fireplace. This adds colourful accent lighting to your home and livens up the room even when the lights are off. You can add a candle display to the mantle as well or small battery-operated tea lights to create an ambiance to your living space. On the inside, opt for a centerpiece like a candelabra.

Ready to Maintain Your Gas Fireplace in Richmond and Surrey Areas? Call in the Fireplace Professionals

Whether you need a deep cleaning, inspection, or you want to repair your fireplace, so it is ready for the next winter season, let the team at CampbellCare help with your to-do list. Our team not only installs fireplaces but also helps maintain and inspect gas fireplaces to ensure that they are safe for our customers.

Contact our team for an annual inspection. We look at everything from your igniter to pilot flames to main burners and even the glass. We help clean the interior and the components so that there are no risks to you or your loved ones, and your fireplace burns bright come winter.

Call Campbell Care today to book an appointment for gas fireplace inspections in Richmond and Surrey areas. Call now at 604-337-0498 or contact us online to ask about fireplace installations or repairs.

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