The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Fireplace

Your home’s gas fireplace might not require the same maintenance as a wood-burning one, but that does not mean you can ignore it year after year either.

In fact, gas fireplaces in Richmond homes require annual maintenance to keep them clean and safe. Whether you recently purchased a home with a gas fireplace or you recently installed one, be sure to keep up with the maintenance
so that you can enjoy the crackling fire and warmth without an issue.

Tips for Maintaining the Fireplace in Your Home

Your gas fireplace might not have the same hassles as wood, including the ash and timber debris to clean out, but it still has good reasons for regular maintenance. From dirt and dust buildup to wire connections, follow
these tips for keeping up with your unit’s maintenance:

· Clean the glass. At least once per month, you need to clean the glass. This prevents a cloudy buildup from forming on the glass and taking up your view. Also, the more buildup you have, the more it will etch into the glass, and
become harder to remove.

· Inspect for buildup on the inside. Dust, spider webs, and debris happen whether you use the gas fireplace or not. Therefore, once a month, you must inspect the inside for any buildup and gently
clean it away.

· Look at gaskets. Inspect your gaskets for any cracks or missing pieces. Gaskets are typically found on the outside of the glass or around your firebox. Tighten loose pieces immediately, and do not use the unit if your gaskets are cracked or you have missing pieces.

· Check the exterior vent. Most gas fireplaces have vents that extend outside. See if you have debris around the vent, including leaves, bird’s nests, or other debris. If the vent has damage or debris, do not use it until you have corrected the issue. Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide could back up into the house.

When Do You Call in a Professional for Your Fireplace?

While self-maintenance is key for your fireplace in Richmond, Surrey, and the surrounding areas, eventually you need to call in the professionals. When a fireplace is not properly maintained, serious issues might occur. Also, it is best to have a professional come and inspect your fireplace at least once per year – ideally before the cooler season when you need it – to ensure everything is safe and ready for long periods of use.

Other instances where you should contact a professional include: 

· Soot build up inside the gas fireplace
· You notice a film, etching or severe discolouration on the glass
· An odd odour is coming from the unit when it is running
· You have no service history on the fireplace or have never used it
· It has been over one year since your last service appointment
· The unit keeps shutting itself off
· The ignition is slow or refuses to ignite

Never let your gas fireplace go without an inspection. If it has been over a year since your last service appointment or you notice any of the problems above, contact the team at CampbellCare. Our team
installs, maintains, and repairs gas fireplaces year-round. With more than 30 years of experience, we will help keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the winter.

Call CampbellCare today at 604-337-0498 to book an inspection or service appointment for your fireplace in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, and all surrounding areas. You can also contact us online to schedule your appointment.

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