Common Questions About Gas Fireplaces Answered

Even after doing a ton of research, you may still have several different questions about gas fireplaces. If you’re interested in putting a gas fireplace in your home, here are answers to some of the common questions our HVAC technicians get about this type of fireplace.

Do You Have to Have a Chimney?

One of the best parts about gas fireplaces is that you don’t need a chimney to use one. However, if you decide to go with a vented gas system, you will still need to equip it with some sort of vent, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional chimney.

Where Can Gas Fireplaces be Installed?

In addition to not needing a chimney, one of the main benefits of gas fireplaces is that they can be installed anywhere. Not only can you put a gas fireplace in any room of your home, but units exist that can be installed inside of a wall, allowing you to enjoy the warmth coming from your fireplace from either side.

What are Gas Logs?

The gas log is the main component of any gas fireplace system. When you hear the word “gas log” in conversation, the person is talking about the gas log plus the fireplace’s venting system, the fuel system, and the hearth box. This unit is basically the place where the gas is ignited and realistic looking flames are produced.

Are Gas Fireplaces Safe for Pets?

Before installing a gas fireplace in your home, you may have concerns about it being safe for your pets. However, since both vented and unvented gas fireplaces do not produce fumes, particles, or other contaminants and any fuel that the system uses is burned completely and cleanly, you have nothing to worry about.

Remember, because fireplaces are safe for pets, you don’t have to have a chimney, and they can be installed virtually anywhere, you really can’t go wrong letting us at Campbell Care install one in your home.

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